Hello, my name is Amber Mills.  I started designing nature inspired jewelry because I wanted to reconnect with the magical feelings I have when I'm out in nature. I wanted to wear beautiful jewelry that reminded me of how good it feels to be outdoors enjoying the sunshine, plants, bugs, and animals. I wanted to design jewelry from my heart that shows my love for Mother Nature and all her wonderful creations. I have woven this love into every jewelry design in hopes that you will feel this magic too.

My Jewelry Process - With newer 3D printing technologies, I can create complicated and highly detailed designs that if done traditionally would cost 3 to 4 times the price.  First, I model intricate bugs, animals and flowering plants in a 3D modelling program. I then send the file to a 3D printer which will print a copy of my design in wax. From there we switch back to the traditional hand crafted method of lost wax casting, where we build a plaster mold around the wax model, and then pour molten precious metals such as silver and gold into the plaster mold to replace the wax. Like magic, we now have the jewelry we always longed for at a fraction of the price compared to carving the wax by hand instead of printing it.

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